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Industrial Cables

Industrial Cables

Our company is counted amongst the most reliable Industrial Power Cables Manufacturers in India. Customers from every nook and corner of India are placing huge and repeated orders for the Industrial Cables due to the unmatched quality and inexplicable performance exhibited. Moreover, the use of optimum quality materials in the manufacturing of the Industrial Electrical Cable are of optimum quality that ensures flawless result at the end of every application.

Gourav EnerGen India Pvt. Ltd. Cables are manufactured keeping in mind the needs of every individual using pure bright electrolytic copper & Fire Retardant PVC compound. Three reasons of cables catching fire are heat, fuel, and oxygen. The specialty of this compound is that it does not spread fire, instead help extinguishing the fire by an endothermic process, which reduces heat in the substrate. It also makes a glass coating over the PVC thus reducing the amount of fuel available for combustion. It also gives off non-flammable gases and water vapors, which dilutes the oxygen available so as to reduce the burning time. It also enables the cable to operate occasionally at extremely high temperatures of up to 200OC for more than 100 minutes. The voltage loss of this FR PVC at 130OC / 3 hrs is only 0.5%.

While making this variety, we have provided two layers of insulation. They are : Thick primary layer of virgin & non-contaminated pure natural PVC, absolutely free of any inorganic chemicals either in the form of coloring agent or fillers, reduces the insulation properties of PVC.

Thin secondary layer of specially hardened and colored PVC; suitable to withstand the mechanical disturbances of abrasion of cable surface during installation, provides a prominent identification of color as well.

Our cables are passed through rigorous testing and inspection. At every course of production the cable is continuously passed through many tests � performed during and after extrusion through an excellent setup of testing equipment�s. The cable is tested at each and every meter on line while being extruded from machine for checking the leakage of current and the centricity of the copper conductor.

Every operation of cable is passed through the spark tester at a voltage of 5000V. It is also tested at high voltages of around 11 KVA through an instrument known as A.C high voltage tester. It is also being tested under water at 65oC temp for high voltages as large as 3.3 KV for more than 24 hours. Apart from this Copper & Aluminum are also checked for tensile and annealing strengths in various instruments. The cables are made as per the BIS & IS standards and thus carries the ISI certificate

Gourav cables thus have their own standards, which are to meet any adverse condition of operation and give full satisfaction to its users. Thus our Motto rightly goes with such high standards of quality, i.e., "Suraksha Ka Samuchit Prabandh".


  • Single & Multi core solid aluminum cables
  • Single & Multi core stranded aluminum cables
  • Single & Multi core copper cables
  • Submersible cables